Monday, October 19, 2009

Barclay Butera for Wendover Art Group - Showroom Event

Photos from Sunday's event - Barclay Butera Lifestyle for Wendover Art Group
, Barclay Butera, Mitchell Gold

Sheri Mattiucci (Leonard's), Cynthia Hayes (Leonard's), Trevor Luisi

Richard Forsyth (Wendover Art Group), Kelly McRorie, Barclay Butera

Sheri Mattiucci, Barclay Butera

Ray Langhammer, Eli Sona, Dallas Saunders (Hearst Castle Collection)

Harvey Stewart working with customers

Christine Phillips, Dallas Saunders (Hearst Castle Collection)

Kelly McRorie, Ray Langhammer (Creative Director, Barclay Butera, Inc.), Christine Phillips

Anna Gustafson

Tiffany Slater (Director of Sales, Barclay Butera Home)

Brendon Butera & Trevor Luisi

Harvey Stewart & Melody Brevda
(still working on confirming names on some photos...ZKG)

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