Monday, July 29, 2013

A Complete Transformation From Beginning To End

When someone envisions interior design they often think of the inside of the house; it’s rare to think that it could involve the exterior or altering the residence to a completely different appearance. The owners of this Bayshores house wanted to give their home a completely new look. Being so close to the water they really wanted it to be Cape Cod style.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, this home was going to need a lot of work to achieve such a result.

The house was originally Mediterranean Tuscan style. The exterior was faux stone and stucco with white trimmed windows and doorways. Arched doorways are common in this style of house. To achieve the Cape Cod look this project had to be treated as a blank slate. Everything inside had to be removed so that a successful transformation could occur. The clients had specific requests and pieces that they wanted to be part of the design.

Once it was decided to do a Cape Cod style house plenty of research had to be done, as well as developing the right color palette. A team was formed from our preferred list of contractors.  Floor plans and drawings were created to give the client an array of options and concepts on the finished look. 3D renderings and landscape samples were shown to determine what the client would enjoy. For this particular project we also had to get the approval from the Bayshores Committee to make sure it followed the community’s guidelines. Once approval was received we obtained the proper permits and began construction.

The front of the residence had a barbecue  so that when the owners cooked outside the whole neighborhood could see.  There was no gate to close off the wall, thus leaving it very open.  We decided to take out the barbecue and move it closer to the house and add two ponds in its place. The owners having dogs proved to be a safety concern, as they could fall or jump in. We made sure if they did it would be shallow enough for them to stand up in. One thing we strive for is to ensure that any changes result in safety for children and pets. 
The faux stone and stucco were replaced with real stone and wood panels. The sitting area was moved behind the fountain and closer to the house. This created more privacy for the clients as well as giving them more space. Over the patio table heaters and lights were built into the wooden awning for those cool California nights.
To enter this residence you walked through an arched doorway with a brown door. A small mirror hung against a painted wall and dark walnut floors were throughout. Dark colors usually absorb light coming in, making them appear even darker. It was hard for natural light to survive in this atmosphere. For the new entry way, the front door was expanded and turned into a French Dutch door so that more natural light and fresh air could enter the house. What was once faux stone and drywall was now Sudan Weave in Sand by Ralph Lauren woven wallpaper, which extended throughout the house. The wood flooring went from Walnut to Brazilian Red Oak as well as being wider planked. Behind the door a larger mirror was placed which helped in making the room look bigger as well as reflecting the light from outside to the inside. Upstairs the second floor was squared and a patio was added.

A squared off hallway replaced the small curved version that was once there. A custom finish Deauville Sideboard with mirrored doors sits in this redesigned hallway. By adding the sideboard the space doesn't feel so empty. The hallway is more open and easier for light to get through. Another noticeable point is not only the dining room where the family room used to be but a new focal point in the walkway (but more on that later).

The living room was very dark with furniture that blended into the walls. This created a very plain and uninviting atmosphere. The area didn't have any real flow and the fireplace was distracting to the eye. 
Book cases were built into the walls to provide more storage and decorating space. A new fire place was built out of limestone. A Kravet Carpet from the Barclay Butera Smart Rug collection protects the wooden floor and is great for the high traffic living room. Barclay Butera Hampton chairs were reupholstered in 100% linen fabric, which is softer than cotton. The ottoman was reupholstered in the same fabric to match the chairs. The ceiling was transformed into a Tongue and Groove wood panel ceiling, also known as a V Groove. Other pieces that make this room unique are the Baker End Tables and the Barclay Butera Sussex sofa reupholstered in raffia with cotton cushions. Custom designed curtains were created for this project. Stacked moldling lines the house, helping emphasize the Cape Cod look. The doors open and also stack to provide more of an opening and allow a cool breeze to enter the house along with more light.

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