Thursday, November 5, 2009

Barclay's Kravet Collections - from Material Girls

Thanks to Material Girls and the Dallas blog for their post,
"Barclay's Kravet Collections."

I tend to frequent the Kravet showroom in Dallas at least once a week! I always seem to have such good luck there in finding the perfect fabric for a client.

While on a memo sample shopping spree the other day, I came across the most beautiful fabric- it consisted of a soft turquoise and brown leaf print embroidered upon a crisp white linen background.

And what do you know, it is a fabric by the distinguished interior designer, Barclay Butera! I could not get this fabric out of my head all week. It became the jumping off point for an entire room design for that client.

I must say that all of Barclay’s fabrics and rugs for Kravet are so completely stunning…and the fact that he has also selected a forty color palette of paint from Benjamin Moore that will complement all these textiles, makes them that much more appealing!

His paint colors are organized into four divisions-
Beach (i.e.: Ben Moore’s Blue Toile 748), City (i.e.: Indian River 985), Mountain (i.e.: Great Plains Gold 1077), and Town & Country (i.e.: Krisp Khaki 234).

To learn more about these fabric divisions and get further Barclay inspiration, be sure to read his book, Living in Style.

Here are a few additional photos of Barclay’s Kravet fabrics to get your creative juices flowing:

These to me are such calming fabrics. They aren’t loud or overdone in the least bit. Fourth from the left, is my fabric crush- Herbarium.

Now let’s just hope that my client selects the color scheme that had Barclay’s Herbarium fabric in it! (fingers crossed!)

And one more photo for the road…Barclay’s Tufts for Kravet Carpet. How great would this look with a bit of chocolate brown?

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  1. I met Barclay last week at the Boston Design Center. I love what he is doing with his fabrics for Kravet, and my autographed copy of his book "Living in Style" is on my design bookshelf now!