Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Inspires Barclay Butera?

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I have a passion for fine living, and I am inspired by wherever life takes me. Furnishings don’t make a home; life does. Lifestyle design is a way of carefully placing selected elements together so a room or a home feels warm, comfortable, and inviting.

When creating lifestyle design, my decisions depend on the personality of my clients—their dreams and their aspirations. I manifest the lifestyle by incorporating my elements of design with those of the client to create a unique environment down to the fine details of upholstery and accessories.

I love it when a house feels finished and lived in, with many layers of color and texture. Every choice I make as a designer translates design essentials, including wall furnishings, flooring, textiles, case goods, and furnishings, into elements of living, to evoke an emotional environment.

I never limit myself to one particular category or style. Design is always dependent upon location, tradition, and personal preferences. From antique clocks to clean modern hurricanes, I use collections to help give an interior the flavor of a particular period and style.

What is your favorite lifestyle design?

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Designer Insider on TUFTS; Barclay Butera for Kravet

Barclay Butera is a unique designer that is inspired by fashion and travel. He has partnered with Kravet to bring you his first collection of fabrics and rugs sold through their showroom. These designs shown are not fabric but beautiful rug designs from his new collection! The rugs are available in 12 standard sizes and are available in New Zealand worsted wool, all viscose, wool and viscose blend. You can order the rugs in the hand tufted style, Indo or Sino.

Garden Leaf
Gentleman's Houndstooth
Desert Damask
Mountain Plaid
Mountain Tiger
Urban StripeAsian Bamboo

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Arren Williams: Five Minutes With Barclay Butera

Top notch US interior designer Barclay Butera is on a roll. Late last year he debuted a swanky design book with Assouline (top), and then recently launched a fabric and carpet collection with Kravet that riffs of the book's central style themes of City, Town & Country, Beach and Mountain. Classic Butera style can be pegged as rich and layered yet still casual, with a trademark combo of fabrics, patterns and texture. Just take a look above at his beach house, with its trad blue-and-white and not so trad leopard, and you'll see this is a man who isn't afraid to mix things up. To see more of his interiors, and to check out that new collection, click here to watch a YouTube video narrated by Butera; it's an inspiring 5 minute peek into a deliciously glam world. The Barclay Butera collection is available through the design trade at Kravet, and his book; Barclay Butera Living in Style, can be found at Indigo.
(Photo: Cover image. Credit: Assouline. Photo: Barclay Butera interior. Credit: James Carriere. Via Traditional Home)

The work of Arren Williams, a freelance stylist, editor and trend reporter, can be seen regularly in Flare and Canada's top décor mags and also on Citytv's CityLine. Expect a roundup of fabulous finds from the style world every few days as he brings his eye for detail to Post Homes. See his blog here. -->
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Barclay Butera for Kravet Collections

Products shown: Panel Fabric: 9662-51; Fabric on Pillows, L-R: 30398-5, trim T30317-55; Somerset-15 with fabric trimming 27796-5; Dressur-51; Bolster pillow: 30380-516; Carpet: TUFTS Design by Barclay Butera, Marine Stripe/C

Monday, August 10, 2009

Barclay Butera Portraits by Artist Ray Turner



LOS ANGELES, CA (August, 2009) – National lifestyle designer Barclay Butera was selected a few months ago by artist and friend Ray Turner to be one of his portraiture subjects for the artist’s “Population” show, which opens in Santa Fe, NM, on August 7th at the Skotia Gallery. The 12”x12” paintings portray the designer in Turner’s signature bold style. Two paintings of Butera—Turner chose only a few subjects to capture twice--will be part of 125-150 portraits shown. Skotia Gallery is “Population’s” first stop in a traveling installation that will subsequently be exhibited at the Pasadena Museum of California Art (Oct. 2009 – Jan. 2010), in San Francisco at the Toomey-Tourell Gallery in January 2010, then on to Beverly Hills and Europe. The show will have an accompanying 12”x12” hardcover book, reflecting the exact size of each likeness, and with essays by Rick Gilberts, James Scarborough, and Roberta Carasso, PhD.

“In doing business with Barclay, we immediately became friends and I knew I wanted to include him in the series,” muses Turner. “I find him to be one of the complex human beings that many of us are and that I seek out, and I painted toward the soul in him that I perceive…a snap shot that tells part of his story. I have painted a few people more than once out of interest in capturing a different facet of their personality. Barclay is one of these, and I consider him both friend and subject.”

Painted on panel and glass, each portrait in the series evinces a slightly different approach by the artist, while inheriting the same topographical quality seen in the brooding, epic landscapes he is known for. A prescient interpreter, he is able to capture his sitters during “privileged instants” with skill and intimacy, using impasto (a la German Fauves and Expressionists), and violent color and exaggerated features, which recall influences as Vincent Van Gogh and Francis Bacon.

“I am very honored that Ray asked me to be one of his subjects,” says Butera, CEO and President of Barclay Butera Inc. “I’m a big fan of his, and often recommend his work to clients. The layering of colors and strokes he delivers moves me and appeals to my own sense of depth in layering and texture. I also love that there are two different portraits—one being more light and ‘real’ to my eyes, and the other more dark with exaggerated features. There’s also a bit of a Warhol flavor to this exhibition concept, which I enjoy.”

Barclay Butera, Inc. is based in Newport Beach, CA, and entails the Barclay Butera collection showrooms in Newport Beach and Los Angeles, CA, and Park City, UT. Barclay Butera Home, Inc. products ( are distributed through over 300 showrooms, his own collection showrooms, and To the Trade nationwide. Butera designs and manufactures his bench made upholstery products in Los Angeles, CA. The book Living In Style (Assouline, 2008) presents a collection of Butera’s work since 2003, divided into five lifestyle themes: Beach, City, Desert, Mountain, and Town & Country. The designer’s first line of textiles and trims for Kravet Collections is available now, also presented through four of his lifestyle themes. Please visit for a full introduction.

Born in California in 1958, Turner attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he ultimately taught. Turner has progressively crafted a versatile and acclaimed body of work of growing scope and importance. Turner is included in many publications including American Art Collector, Art Times, and Artweek magazine. Turner's work is exhibited, in solo and group shows, in New York, California, and New Mexico in the United States, and Internationally in Berlin and Montreal. (