Thursday, August 20, 2009

Arren Williams: Five Minutes With Barclay Butera

Top notch US interior designer Barclay Butera is on a roll. Late last year he debuted a swanky design book with Assouline (top), and then recently launched a fabric and carpet collection with Kravet that riffs of the book's central style themes of City, Town & Country, Beach and Mountain. Classic Butera style can be pegged as rich and layered yet still casual, with a trademark combo of fabrics, patterns and texture. Just take a look above at his beach house, with its trad blue-and-white and not so trad leopard, and you'll see this is a man who isn't afraid to mix things up. To see more of his interiors, and to check out that new collection, click here to watch a YouTube video narrated by Butera; it's an inspiring 5 minute peek into a deliciously glam world. The Barclay Butera collection is available through the design trade at Kravet, and his book; Barclay Butera Living in Style, can be found at Indigo.
(Photo: Cover image. Credit: Assouline. Photo: Barclay Butera interior. Credit: James Carriere. Via Traditional Home)

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  1. Attending a seminar he gave in Chicago last year will always be a special memory for me. What a gifted guy and so willing to share with his audience. If you get the chance, run.....dont walk to get a seat at one of his presentations.