Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Inspires Barclay Butera?

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I have a passion for fine living, and I am inspired by wherever life takes me. Furnishings don’t make a home; life does. Lifestyle design is a way of carefully placing selected elements together so a room or a home feels warm, comfortable, and inviting.

When creating lifestyle design, my decisions depend on the personality of my clients—their dreams and their aspirations. I manifest the lifestyle by incorporating my elements of design with those of the client to create a unique environment down to the fine details of upholstery and accessories.

I love it when a house feels finished and lived in, with many layers of color and texture. Every choice I make as a designer translates design essentials, including wall furnishings, flooring, textiles, case goods, and furnishings, into elements of living, to evoke an emotional environment.

I never limit myself to one particular category or style. Design is always dependent upon location, tradition, and personal preferences. From antique clocks to clean modern hurricanes, I use collections to help give an interior the flavor of a particular period and style.

What is your favorite lifestyle design?

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