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Black & White and Stylish All Over

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Black and White and Stylish All Over
Use this contrasting color scheme to make a statement in your interior.

Nothing’s more classic than black and white. Forever in style, they remain favored among designers to bring a certain je ne sais quoi to a room. One thing’s for certain: a black and white room always demands attention.

Pops of Color
Black and white can be striking, but also severe. That’s why interior designers like Barclay Butera, president and CEO of Barclay Butera, Inc. in Los Angeles like to incorporate pops of other colors. For example, Butera designed a city loft with black and white as a base, but added a deep navy to the color scheme and paintings with a variety of blues. “You need some color to help soften the severity,” says Butera.

Details, Details, Details
Infusing black and white accents in your interior is easy, and draws your eye to the details. Butera includes black and white in the tiniest of details, from kitchen appliances and tile designs to Greek key motifs on draperies. McGowan likes mixing in neutral colors like grey or beige to tie in better with stark black or bright white. She also recommends natural and shiny elements— whether it’s accessories or flooring—to make the space come to life: “Beautiful pieces of driftwood, iron sculptures, gold, brass, silver or chrome are essential,” suggests McGowan. Black and white can be overdone easily, but how you choose to interpret the scheme and inject variety is what makes it exciting.

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